E NTERCYBER.COM was launched this week.  It is a cybersecurity products and services company marketplace specializing in cyber assurance by providing a national resource that does not yet exist in the world.  EnterCyber is the cybersecurity marketplace so that the more than 5 million businesses in the U.S.  can find cyber resources.  People continuously complain that when you Google for a service only the largest continuously comes up.  This doesn’t help companies who may not be able to afford the offered services.  In many cases, there might be services located in the company’s neighborhood.


EnterCyber helps municipalities and companies to understand cybersecurity threats through unique multimedia offerings, teaches how to mitigate the risks, and provides a resource for them to acquire services.  EnterCyber answers the question “who do I call with my cybersecurity issue.” This enterprise is fueled by growing numbers of cyber-attacks and the inability of the Government to help Americans secure their networks.  As cybersecurity incidents, multiply in frequency and cost, the cybersecurity programs of the US Government have yet to rival the persistence and technological prowess of our cyber adversaries.  Businesses needing solutions don’t know who to call or how to compare their potential options for services.  In most cases, the FBI is focused of finding the perpetrator and local law enforcement is not educated enough to be of assistance.


EnterCyber provides an approach supporting the cyber response for the entire nation.  They connect those in need with the companies and businesses providing the required resources.  Prospective customers can find low-cost approaches, products and services to cyber protection through education, analysis, and customer support backed by a cybersecurity insurance product for added cyber assurance.