It is most startling to see Government officials work so hard to play down the geo-political divisions underpinned by the cyber-attacks and bold meddling in U.S. elections.  The intelligence community have expressed, in the ways they can without losing their jobs, that we are in the middle of a cold war. This time however, we are actively under attack.  What will it take before we step up efforts to unite the nation towards building the team and teaching each potential member of the team what is happening and how it affects them?

Today, efforts to decipher our encryption and working unsuspecting workers to gain access to important data is as common as during the cold war.  I wasn’t old enough to know this, but that is the point. We should learn from history. The only way this happens is through discussion, training and designing processes so you don’t repeat a tenuous and stressful past.   

People talk about their love for this country daily.  But current actions and strategies don’t mirror a love that should dictate efforts to make it more resilient.  Clearly, the key to enhancing our cyber resilience is going to be our citizens, companies, universities and children who choose to go into cyber careers.  With the knowledge we have, the high bar is clear. The vision and goals should connect with requirement. This would assist us to spend our money wisely and potentially act in ways we might not have acted otherwise.  The role of Government must be a leadership one. However, Government representatives are falling leading us up this cyber hill.

Our President is singling out China and fails to highlight Russia or the smaller countries that are electronically attacking us daily.  The borders are targeted for funding and not cyber resilience planning. The is not a direct Trump issue, corporations and silent universities are complicit.  Additionally, the officials charged with lining up the civilian troops and coordinating our collective defense appear to be handcuffed. In some cases, the handcuffs are a result of Congressional deficiencies, in other cases leaders don’t have the expertise on staff to launch the entrepreneurial efforts to deliver for the U.S. people.  

The chickens have come home to roost when it comes to a lack of diversity.  The hacker community has an imagination that can only be matched by trained individuals who have real life experience.  Hiring your friend’s son of your former classmate that gave to the ruling political party will not help us produce a winning team.  Incompetence in key cyber positions is a recipe for dough that never rises when the heat is turned up.

The porous border is not our greatest threat.  We better focus on the borders of our corporations, critical infrastructure and elections.  States are hesitant to let the Federal Government take over protection of elections and that says a lot.  The have everything to lose and must feel as though giving up control subjects them to greater potential loss.

Dan Coates the Director at ODNI says China’s hostile hacking efforts are on an “unprecedented in scale.”  He also recently said that lights are blinking for cybersecurity the way the were prior to the events of 9-11 2001.  I am more inclined to believe this seasoned intelligence chief than politician who are obviously oblivious to the potential of our demise.  That money is so blinding.

“China is trying to position itself as the sole dominant superpower, the sole dominant economic power,” FBI Director Christopher Wray.  He said China “represents the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country.” Well China is not trying to cross our borders illegally.  They are getting into our system and taking all of our critical data and leaving with it.

While speaking to the United Nations recently The President recently expressed that China interfered in our elections.  Well, of course they did. Now, we know China and Russia are leading efforts to bring down democracy. Surprise….

This issue is not partisan because the adversary is certainly do not care about who you support.  I only wish Trump supporters would become supporter of the United States of America. Let’s hold the President accountable to protect the nation digital highway and stops off of it.  It is also your way of life that is at risk. Or, we will all be in the dark together with no way to distinguish what party anyone ever affiliated.