Michael A. Echols (Mike), is the CEO of a Kennedy Space Center based non-profit called IACI, and CEO of a for-profit company he founded called Max Cybersecurity LLC, located in Washington DC.  

Mr. Echols spent 7 years in critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity leadership at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  He led several White House national security initiatives before resigning his position in September 2016.

Among his leadership accomplishments at DHS, Mr. Echols served as:

  • Point person for the rollout of Presidential Executive Order 13691 for President Obama  
  • Chair of the Communications Sector – one of 16 U.S. Critical Sectors
  • Chair of the Network Security Information Exchange
  • Designated Federal Official for the President’s NSTAC – 30 CEO level members from Defense, IT and Comm Sector companies making recommendations to the President.  
  • The U.S. Representative to the NATO CCPC in Brussels

He led:

  • The DHS small and medium sized business analysis to determine if there were enough scalable and affordable cybersecurity solutions for SMBs.  
  • A public-private working group that examined the threat to critical supply chains from foreign products being placed in national telecommunications networks.
  • Critical functions of the the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and the National Cyber Infrastructure Response Plan.

Mr. Echols most recently authored four Forbes online articles.  He was also featured on a PBS cybersecurity special called Roadtrip Nation.  Mr. Echols has led two organizations to CSO 50 Award honors. And, he is on the HHS Cybersecurity CISA 405d Task Force.  

Mr. Echols is a graduate of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative – Harvard Kennedy School of Public Health and the Federal Executive Institute.  He holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Biotechnology, a Graduate Certificate in Technology Management from University of Maryland University College.  His Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is from the University of Maryland where he now serves as President of the Black Male Alumni Network.

Michael A. Echols CISSP, MBA

CEO and Board Member IACI

CEO Max Cybersecurity LLC